JOHNSON LIFTERS ® Made in the U.S.A.

Welcome to the official Johnson Lifters® web page. At Johnson Lifters® we continuously use research and development with tooling and techniques for innovative solutions to the High Performance Automotive Industry; Axle Oiling to accommodate High Spring Pressures, Variable duration to assist with Toque and Vacuum, High Flow push rod seats to keep rocker arms well lubed and Unmatched Metallurgy to assure a long Lifter Life. These are just a few of the innovations we currently offer. What you will find when you get your Johnson Lifters® is not only a sleek, lightweight, valve train component, but a component of the highest American quality you can buy. Throughout our 21 primary processes and 15 secondary processes the lifters are carefully inspected and tested for functionality and cosmetic defects. Take the headache out of searching for high quality lifters, you have found them!


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Best quality lifters in the world. Made in the U.S.A.. Out performs all competitors. Be sure you go to one of their suppliers, others are just using the name, but don't perform any where close to these. Wouldn't buy any other lifters, with their experience and precision, all others are crap. If you want quality and reliability this is the place to go.
Greg P
United States
Love these Johnson Hydraulic Roller Lifters, fixed a world of aggravation. Don't waste your time with the outsourced China lifters, you WILL BE disappointed. Johnson Lifters are American Made - with the quality you should expect.
Ken S
This is the lifter that comes in the fastest Camaro ever produced (ZL1) that makes 580 HP. Lifters can make the horsepower you expected from your camshaft. "You either get it or you Don't"
Lyle L

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