About Us

About Us

The Johnson Lifters® name has been known within the industry for over 60 years.  In 1954 Johnson began producing millions of lifters for General Motors and thus laid the foundation for a credible name in the market.  We have shifted our sights to the aftermarket business where cost isn’t everything and component integrity is!  The goal remains to produce the best lifter for the weekend warriors, street rods, and race enthusiasts.  

Today Johnson Lifters® leads the industry with an extensive line of hydraulic lifters.  We continue to strive for new features that will out perform the competition in any application for GM, Ford, Chrysler, Harley, and AMC. 

Mission Statement

We believe that our strength and continued achievements come from a calculated strategy to continuously improve the way we do business. Our staff shares a guiding principle to provide dedicated service to our customers, technical proficiency, and a passion for excellence.  Integration among all of our departments facilitates responsiveness to customer inquiries. 

Advantage Products

Today's high-tech superior product is tomorrow's commodity. Our Strategy is customer driven innovation, leading to solving industry issues. The Johnson High Performance Lifter Product Line includes a wide variety of hydraulic lifters. Johnson Lifters® hydraulic lifters have evolved into a component that can be used is high stress applications where mechanical lifters have dominated the market. This evolution has provided quieter, low maintenance, and highly stable valve trains for street and race applications. Our product line is engineered to produce the highest performance and longest life of any lifter in the market today.

State of the Art Systems

State-of-the-art CAD/CAM systems allow our manufacturing engineering staff to reduce solution analysis time. This results in shorter production cycles, with lower costs and improved quality. The interface of CAD/CAM and CNC machining increases our manufacturing flexibility regardless of lot size or part complexity.





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