JOHNSON LIFTERS ® Made in the U.S.A.

Hydraulic Flat Tappet Lifters

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4114R Reduced Travel $400.00
4114ST Short Travel $435.00
4114VDL "Fast Bleed" $450.00
4214R Reduced Travel $400.00
4214ST Short Travel $435.00
4214VDL "Fast Bleed" $450.00
4314R Reduced Travel $400.00
4314ST Short Travel $435.00
4314VDL "Fast Bleed" $450.00

• Proprietary formula hardenable cast iron body for extreme wear resistance.

• Mirror-finished cam face with the highest concentration of acicular carbides across the entire camface.

• Cold forged extra long piston, precision ground and fitted for controlled leak down and pump up.

• High flow disc style quick reacting check valve for better reaction at higher RPM.

• Precision oil metering assuring proper oiling to the rocker arms without sacrificing oil pressure.